Dead Space

Test After Test

Yesterday we tried a few Virtual Tabletops. D20Pro, Fantasy Grounds, Roll20 and we looked at one or two others. Lee & I figured out a bit about FG but couldn’t get d20 to connect. Craig helped me out on that part later.

D20 seems simple and pretty straightforward. Character creation seems a bit more manual, but we may just have not figured out how to import pre-written/created characters, like from PCGen. Its also cheaper at only $10/player and $30 for the “Full”, i.e. GM + 2, license.

FG looked cool, but we had problems actually getting something rolling. Couldn’t figure out how to get monster tokens on the board (although, Lee apparently had this figured out, I’m just the dumb one). Dice rolling was cooler, but I never quite grasped how combat was supposed to work. This one is way more expensive, though, topping out at $150 for the “Ultimate” license for GM + unlimited unregistered players.

Maps were about equivalent between them. Other game aspects were not as clear. Neither one was intuitive and so have a bit of a learning curve. Right now I’m leaning toward d20Pro, but we’ll see how a few more tests turn out.

I’m off to check out some mapping software now!



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