Dead Space

The Ambush!

Z’Nin and Cathros, accompanied by Cephus, Halvar and Shamir followed Jurgen Sharant to the warehouse to check out the cargo to be picked up and brought back to Bral. After entering the warehouse, it was quickly apparent that Jurgen had different intentions. As the group followed Jurgen around a few crates, they were confronted by Jurgen and his 5 henchmen, 3 orcs and 2 hobgoblins. Jurgen told the group he didn’t want to have to kill them and he’d prefer they simply surrender their ship. Alas, Z’Nin and Cathros decided that wasn’t an option.

In the ensuing fight, the crew prevailed, with the help of the late arriving Tusker, but not before several of them, including, Z’Nin were seriously wounded by the ruffians. Jurgen and 3 of his henchmen were slain and 2 of the orcs surrendered, one upon seeing Tusker cleave a hobgoblin in two with one swing. After questioning them, Z’Nin and Cathros learned that Jurgen had kept a room at the Muddy Raft and found his key in his boot. With nothing more to offer them, the crew let the orcs go free and returned to the Muddy Raft.

After finding and searching Jurgen’s room, they found 2 notes. 1 referencing the group’s imminent arrival and instructions to seize the ship “for the Master” and the other, written by a different person in a very peculiar penmanship, demanded that Jurgen deliver a ship or be killed.

Uncertain what to make of the notes, they decided to stay in Riverspan for another day in order to check out the slave auctions. There they met an individual and eventually struck a deal with him to transport a number of slaves off-world to another auction block. For their services they would receive 40% of the profits. So it was that they transported 26 slaves to a new auction block where the merchant was able to sell 14 of the lot which yielded 10,000 gold for the crew.

They then returned to Riverspan and remain docked there while they decide where to next to ply services.



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