Dead Space

The Rock of Bral

Last night the PC’s got to meet each other for the time while meeting with their prospective employer, Baden Farmourne. He invited them all to his home and his servants, Aden Sim, Jaden Sim and Baden Sim, served them all dinner while they discussed business.

He stated he has a ship that he needs crewed and operational. He offered the PC’s a partnership where he provides the ship and the PC’s crew the ship. In exchange, the PC’s are to receive 30% of all contracts and they have full autonomy to source the contracts of their choice, however they are responsible for any damage to the ship. Although offered them full use of the ship, complete autonomy regarding procuring contracts and destinations to which they travel.

After dinner and agreeing to the terms of the partnership, Farmourne offered the party lodging in his home. They were shown around the first floor of the house but advised the the upper floors were not open to them. With some extensive libraries in the home, Farmourne told the party they are welcome read whatever they like and if they would like books on anything they cannot find, he likely could supply them from his other libraries upstairs or from other sources within the city with whom he is familiar. Each of the PC’s chose a room to call their own, except Sven who chose to sleep under a tree in the courtyard garden of the home.

The party then embarked on an outing in the city to see what they could find. They visited a tavern called The Gilded Hilt along Grand Street near The Angle. While there the party mingled with the locals and learned a few things about Bral. Cathros found the food and drink of the tavern too enthralling to do much information gathering. Zarb used her cleavage to impress the clientele in the hopes they would reveal secrets of their own while Portia sneaked around listening in on everyone’s conversation. Z’nin bellied up to the bar and hobnobbed with a local City Guard, Milo, and a member of one of the local mercenary guilds, Rinzen. Meanwhile, Sven kept trying to find the bottom of his mug and sadly failed.

For their efforts the party collectively learned that private ships in the employ of the government of Bral were underpaid, late paid and often shorted when they were paid. All-in-all a venture fraught with frustration, irritation and difficult bureaucracy. They also learned through Portia’s sharp ears that some of the most lucrative endeavors for ships in Bral includes various cargo contracts and the more specialized the runs can be, the more lucrative they may be. She overheard a crew talking about a recent job running cargo to Bral from a “dig site”. With other references to salvage and artifacts and the like, she wasn’t sure if this was some sort of ancient cultural site, an abandoned space port or some space battlefield littered with derelict ships, but it sure sounded enticing! Z’nin found a different sort of interesting information. Bounties are available and can also pay quite well, although the best ones are, apparently, reserved often for those with a proven track record of delivering on bounty contracts. That said, there are plenty of lower paying open bounties paid out to whomever is able to apprehend (and deliver) the target of the bounty first.

Toward the end of the evening, Sven was approached a human named Jaireth Crato, a local merchant in need of a ship. He stated has a cargo on a world named Delphi in a town named Riverspan. He is willing to pay 500gp up front and 4500gp upon delivery if the party is willing to pick up the cargo and deliver it to him in Bral. The party implied they “had to clear it with the boss” and told him they’d get back to him in the morning.

The evening ended with the PC’s wandering home by various routes. Cathros played body guard to Zarb’s cleavage as they went directly home where Cathros fed himself and his trusty guard dog, Bruiser and Zarb began reading and ancient book by an Elven mage. Sven accompanied Portia as she sought out a local thieves’ guild to join and Z’nin visited the ship.

The ship is a small tradesman class ship, dubbed the Blythe Grouth by the party.


Z’nin did some research. If we take that contract, it will be a 3 month round trip. It will yield a total of 1500 gp before expenses. I have acquired a crew to man the ship and operate the weapons. Its a mix of green and average crewman, running at 618gp gll for 3 months. (A all average crew would be about 1152gp) our employer will not pay for this crew. He will put up for supplys, although he expects to get it back.
I have also acquired a list of bountys. The rewards are anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple thousand.

The Rock of Bral

Update as of 8/24
We had our meeting with Jaireth Crato, the person that had a cargo in Dephi. We took the contract and he gave us 500gp down. He also gave a us a Coin to identify us. We are to meet a Guran Sharant at the Muddy raft in Riverspan. After the meeting. Santhelle and Z’nin searched the city for leads on cargo and bounties. Along the way they spotted a Dwarf with a bounty, but missed him. Later they found another contract for a shipment that had to go out quickly. 8500gp for 19 tons of cargo. With a bit of effort all the cargo was loaded on ship. ( it only had a 13 ton cargo bay)
The first leg of our journey went well. The new crew was put to training and seemed to work well together. The Blythe Grouth docked and meet with Willard Bosun. Willard paid up and the cargo was transferred. He also tried to find us another contract on the way to Dephi but was unsuccessful. THe crew was given shore leave for the night and all returned (a good sign!) The next leg took 5 weeks to Riverspan. Its a good size city were you can buy just about anything. (including slaves) At the inn we told the keeper that we were looking for Guran Sharant. After a bit more than a hour “Guran” showed and brought us to the warehouse were the cargo was. After we got inside, he and a few more jumped us with the intent of taking our ship. The session ended there leaving many questions. Was this really Guran? If so was Jaireth Crato involved? Why is Sven spending so much time in the cabin with Portia? Strike that, I don’t want to know.

The Rock of Bral

Guran made his stand. He asked us to give up the ship and he wont kill us. N’ziz responded with ‘lay on the ground and we wont cut off your head’. Cathos stated that he might still remove it. He did. After winning the battle (they had more on the ground they we did), two Orks were questioned. Apparently Guran had a room in the same inn were we meet him. Finding a key, we went to the inn. In his room we found 2 notes. The first said he was to take our ship for the master. The second was written oddly and said if he didn’t get the ship he will be killed. After talking a while to a slaver, we found out that stealing a ship is out of character for Guran.
When the slaver found out that we had a jammer, he made a offer to split profits if we made a run to another system. We took him up on the offer and made 10K. (7k went to the Sims)

The Rock of Bral

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