Dead Space

The Ambush!

Z’Nin and Cathros, accompanied by Cephus, Halvar and Shamir followed Jurgen Sharant to the warehouse to check out the cargo to be picked up and brought back to Bral. After entering the warehouse, it was quickly apparent that Jurgen had different intentions. As the group followed Jurgen around a few crates, they were confronted by Jurgen and his 5 henchmen, 3 orcs and 2 hobgoblins. Jurgen told the group he didn’t want to have to kill them and he’d prefer they simply surrender their ship. Alas, Z’Nin and Cathros decided that wasn’t an option.

In the ensuing fight, the crew prevailed, with the help of the late arriving Tusker, but not before several of them, including, Z’Nin were seriously wounded by the ruffians. Jurgen and 3 of his henchmen were slain and 2 of the orcs surrendered, one upon seeing Tusker cleave a hobgoblin in two with one swing. After questioning them, Z’Nin and Cathros learned that Jurgen had kept a room at the Muddy Raft and found his key in his boot. With nothing more to offer them, the crew let the orcs go free and returned to the Muddy Raft.

After finding and searching Jurgen’s room, they found 2 notes. 1 referencing the group’s imminent arrival and instructions to seize the ship “for the Master” and the other, written by a different person in a very peculiar penmanship, demanded that Jurgen deliver a ship or be killed.

Uncertain what to make of the notes, they decided to stay in Riverspan for another day in order to check out the slave auctions. There they met an individual and eventually struck a deal with him to transport a number of slaves off-world to another auction block. For their services they would receive 40% of the profits. So it was that they transported 26 slaves to a new auction block where the merchant was able to sell 14 of the lot which yielded 10,000 gold for the crew.

They then returned to Riverspan and remain docked there while they decide where to next to ply services.

Riverspan at Last.

After an uneventful 6 week trip to drop off the overload of cargo the crew acquired from a contract through one of the merchant guilds in Brall, they embarked upon their final leg of the trip to Riverspan in the Delphi sphere. A simple 2-3 week trip from their current port of call, butdue to a minor navigational error on Stefnir’s part, the trip actually took 5 weeks, but landed the ship in Riverspan safely, nonetheless.

After docking the ship, Z’Nin, Cathros, Santhelle and a few members of the crew went ashore to try to contact Jurgen Sharant. After a couple inquiries, they were able to locate the Muddy Raft and went in hoping to find Jurgen. Once inside they party found the Muddy Raft to be a bustling inn catering to the trade merchants passing through Riverspan. They found out from the innkeep that Jurgen frequents the inn and he promised to pass along the party’s mesage that they were in town to pick up the cargo Jurgen had for them.

After a time at the Muddy Raft the party split up, some staying around the inn and some going back to the ship. Around that time, Jurgen made contact with the group still at the inn, which included Z’Nin, Cathros, Cephus, Halvar and Shamir. After introducing himself and exchanging pleasantries, Jurgen offered to show the group the cargo at his warehouse and they agreed to accompany him down to the docks unaware of the surprise he had in store for them . . . .

The Rock of Bral

Last night the PC’s got to meet each other for the time while meeting with their prospective employer, Baden Farmourne. He invited them all to his home and his servants, Aden Sim, Jaden Sim and Baden Sim, served them all dinner while they discussed business.

He stated he has a ship that he needs crewed and operational. He offered the PC’s a partnership where he provides the ship and the PC’s crew the ship. In exchange, the PC’s are to receive 30% of all contracts and they have full autonomy to source the contracts of their choice, however they are responsible for any damage to the ship. Although offered them full use of the ship, complete autonomy regarding procuring contracts and destinations to which they travel.

After dinner and agreeing to the terms of the partnership, Farmourne offered the party lodging in his home. They were shown around the first floor of the house but advised the the upper floors were not open to them. With some extensive libraries in the home, Farmourne told the party they are welcome read whatever they like and if they would like books on anything they cannot find, he likely could supply them from his other libraries upstairs or from other sources within the city with whom he is familiar. Each of the PC’s chose a room to call their own, except Sven who chose to sleep under a tree in the courtyard garden of the home.

The party then embarked on an outing in the city to see what they could find. They visited a tavern called The Gilded Hilt along Grand Street near The Angle. While there the party mingled with the locals and learned a few things about Bral. Cathros found the food and drink of the tavern too enthralling to do much information gathering. Zarb used her cleavage to impress the clientele in the hopes they would reveal secrets of their own while Portia sneaked around listening in on everyone’s conversation. Z’nin bellied up to the bar and hobnobbed with a local City Guard, Milo, and a member of one of the local mercenary guilds, Rinzen. Meanwhile, Sven kept trying to find the bottom of his mug and sadly failed.

For their efforts the party collectively learned that private ships in the employ of the government of Bral were underpaid, late paid and often shorted when they were paid. All-in-all a venture fraught with frustration, irritation and difficult bureaucracy. They also learned through Portia’s sharp ears that some of the most lucrative endeavors for ships in Bral includes various cargo contracts and the more specialized the runs can be, the more lucrative they may be. She overheard a crew talking about a recent job running cargo to Bral from a “dig site”. With other references to salvage and artifacts and the like, she wasn’t sure if this was some sort of ancient cultural site, an abandoned space port or some space battlefield littered with derelict ships, but it sure sounded enticing! Z’nin found a different sort of interesting information. Bounties are available and can also pay quite well, although the best ones are, apparently, reserved often for those with a proven track record of delivering on bounty contracts. That said, there are plenty of lower paying open bounties paid out to whomever is able to apprehend (and deliver) the target of the bounty first.

Toward the end of the evening, Sven was approached a human named Jaireth Crato, a local merchant in need of a ship. He stated has a cargo on a world named Delphi in a town named Riverspan. He is willing to pay 500gp up front and 4500gp upon delivery if the party is willing to pick up the cargo and deliver it to him in Bral. The party implied they “had to clear it with the boss” and told him they’d get back to him in the morning.

The evening ended with the PC’s wandering home by various routes. Cathros played body guard to Zarb’s cleavage as they went directly home where Cathros fed himself and his trusty guard dog, Bruiser and Zarb began reading and ancient book by an Elven mage. Sven accompanied Portia as she sought out a local thieves’ guild to join and Z’nin visited the ship.

The ship is a small tradesman class ship, dubbed the Blythe Grouth by the party.

Progress & Discoveries

I’ve made progress on creating & importing maps. We should be able to test that in the next few days.


Make sure you have yourspell info handy. I will walk people through casting, but you will need spell info handy. The casting interface requires you enter spell details like Save DC, Save effect (negates, half, etc.), effect of the spell(s), damage and the like. I think once we get used to the process, it will go more smoothly. Ideally we’ll find a way to import spell templates that have pre-loaded data.

Test After Test

Yesterday we tried a few Virtual Tabletops. D20Pro, Fantasy Grounds, Roll20 and we looked at one or two others. Lee & I figured out a bit about FG but couldn’t get d20 to connect. Craig helped me out on that part later.

D20 seems simple and pretty straightforward. Character creation seems a bit more manual, but we may just have not figured out how to import pre-written/created characters, like from PCGen. Its also cheaper at only $10/player and $30 for the “Full”, i.e. GM + 2, license.

FG looked cool, but we had problems actually getting something rolling. Couldn’t figure out how to get monster tokens on the board (although, Lee apparently had this figured out, I’m just the dumb one). Dice rolling was cooler, but I never quite grasped how combat was supposed to work. This one is way more expensive, though, topping out at $150 for the “Ultimate” license for GM + unlimited unregistered players.

Maps were about equivalent between them. Other game aspects were not as clear. Neither one was intuitive and so have a bit of a learning curve. Right now I’m leaning toward d20Pro, but we’ll see how a few more tests turn out.

I’m off to check out some mapping software now!

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