Dead Space

Riverspan at Last.

After an uneventful 6 week trip to drop off the overload of cargo the crew acquired from a contract through one of the merchant guilds in Brall, they embarked upon their final leg of the trip to Riverspan in the Delphi sphere. A simple 2-3 week trip from their current port of call, butdue to a minor navigational error on Stefnir’s part, the trip actually took 5 weeks, but landed the ship in Riverspan safely, nonetheless.

After docking the ship, Z’Nin, Cathros, Santhelle and a few members of the crew went ashore to try to contact Jurgen Sharant. After a couple inquiries, they were able to locate the Muddy Raft and went in hoping to find Jurgen. Once inside they party found the Muddy Raft to be a bustling inn catering to the trade merchants passing through Riverspan. They found out from the innkeep that Jurgen frequents the inn and he promised to pass along the party’s mesage that they were in town to pick up the cargo Jurgen had for them.

After a time at the Muddy Raft the party split up, some staying around the inn and some going back to the ship. Around that time, Jurgen made contact with the group still at the inn, which included Z’Nin, Cathros, Cephus, Halvar and Shamir. After introducing himself and exchanging pleasantries, Jurgen offered to show the group the cargo at his warehouse and they agreed to accompany him down to the docks unaware of the surprise he had in store for them . . . .



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