The crew of the Blythe Grouth

THe crew of the The crew of the Blythe Grouth 11 weeks into the journey.

Captian Z’Nin Gith Ranger
Santhelle Elf Sorcerer
Chathos Human Fighter
Sven Dwarfen Ranger
Portia Halfling Rogue

Adain Sim Simulacrum Helmsman
Jadian Sim Simulacrum Helmsman
Badian Sim Simulacrum Helmsman

Stefnir Human Average Navigator
Tusker Giff Average Weapon crewman
Toofer Giff Average Crewman
Bongani Human Green crewman
Tavi Human Green crewman
Jinx or Jinxy Green crewman
Kanic Dwarf Green crewman
Cookie Halfling Green crewman
Fahim Gnome Green crewman
Elwyn 1/2 elf Green crewman
Ihu Elf Green weapon crewman
Shamir Human Green weapon crewman
Grog 1/2 Orc Green weapon crewman
Halvar 1/2 Elf Green weapon crewman
Cephus Dwarf Green weapon crewman

The crew of the Blythe Grouth

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